Heikkilä approaches Jyväskylä with last year’s lessons in mind

Photo: Jani Salonen

Mikko Heikkilä competes in the eight round of WRC season, WRC Secto Rally Finland this weekend. Last year’s second in WRC3, Heikkilä now aims to compete with the stars in WRC2.

Mikko Heikkilä, 30 along with his co-driver Samu Vaaleri, 24, are competing in the WRC Secto Rally Finland this weekend. This year’s Rally Finland is Heikkilä’s career second WRC event on the fast roads of Jyväskylä. Heikkilä competes in his second WRC event of the year with the number 24.  

-It’s always nice to go rallying, but now we are feeling especially good. Weather is nice and the pandemic has eased up, so there should be a lot of spectators. A great big thank you to my cooperation partners for this opportunity to drive in the traditional WRC Rally Finland for the second time.  

Last year’s WRC Rally Finland debut has given Heikkilä a lot of experience on the fast nature of the event, and the Finn is going at the event with last year’s lessons in mind.  

-It’s hard to measure how much driving here last year exactly helps this year. It doesn’t hamper anything for sure, and I can say I remember the stages we drove from last year, both from driving them as well as watching in-cars of them. Soon we’ll see how much effect that has on our pace.  

Heikkilä drove his last competitive event in Latvia as part of the ERC. On the week before the rally Heikkilä got to grips with the setup for Jyväskylä.  

-We tried a few minor changes to the car and they felt good, so the setup is a bit different from Latvia. Nothing special for this rally though, apart from lifting the car’s ride height for the second runs of the stages. It was more of a training for the crew this time.  

WRC Rally Finland is held from 4th to 7th of August in Jyväskylä. The rally consists of 22 stages and 322,61 special stage kilometres. The event starts with the traditional Harju super special stage on Thursday the 4th at 19:08. The rally ends in podium at Paviljonki, Jyväskylä on Sunday the 7th.

Words: Juho Koski

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